Beautiful Seasonal English Garden Bouquets

Grown Sustainably in Hook Heath, Woking, Surrey.


About Me

Growing flowers has always been my passion. Recently, I decided to follow my heart and start growing beautiful cut flowers as sustainably as possible.

I draw inspiration for my designs from cottage gardens, wild woodlands, and our magical English hedgerows.

I grow and design my bouquets here in Woking, Surrey.

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My mission

is to create bouquets that represent the beauty of a true English cutting garden,

and to make a positive environmental impact on my farm.

All my flowers are grown by me on my small flower farm. I sow, plant, and harvest with the seasons. As a result, my bouquets represent the best of the cutting garden each week. 

Because my flowers are produced locally, their carbon footprint is almost nonexistent. Especially compared to imported flowers which have hundreds of thousands of air miles, and often are treated with harsh preservatives and pesticides.

My flowers are cultivated in a way that is kind to our local ecosystems. I use organic and regenerative practices wherever possible.

The cutting garden creates habitat and provides food for pollinators and other beneficial insects, as well as producing beautiful flowers for your home & events!

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If you would like to join in my farming journey and see what flowers are blooming each week, find me on Instagram @english.flowers.by.michaela

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