Welcome to English Flowers by Michaela!

Updated: Feb 6

Hello and welcome to English Flowers by Michaela!

I am so proud and excited to announce that I am going full time into becoming a farmer florist. I absolutely cannot wait to share this exciting journey with you over the next few years. I'm sure my story will involve lots of mistakes, learnings, successes, but most of all lots of beauty to share with you all. Thank you to every single one of you, you inspire me and support me to make my dreams into reality.

I am planning to sell click and collect bespoke bouquets & kitchen table flowers, and sell to local florists. I hope to flower some small weddings and events too.

The flowers of course won't be here until spring 2022. But, until then I am sharing my journey of setting up my flower farm on my instagram page and YouTube channel so we can all do it together. Find me as "English Flowers by Michaela"

Thank you for all your support, I am eternally grateful, and incredibly excited!


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