February: Notes from the Cutting Garden

Hello and welcome to the first newsletter

from the cutting garden!

You can expect a little update from me and the flowers once a month. I will briefly catch you up on what is happening on the farm each month (including flower & workshop availability), and a few notes and photos from the garden. Please make sure to be subscribed to my email list if you don't want to miss my monthly updates, and when flowers & workshops are avaliable.

What's Happening in February?

Let’s start with February, shall we? Still too early for flowers I’m afraid, but a lot of hard work is happening at the cutting garden to bring you magical flowers this summer.

On the field, I will be planting more roses and some beautiful, scented foliage plants. Speciality mint varieties have been collecting in my greenhouse to bring some magic to the bouquets. I cannot wait to get them in the ground later this month, and to smell the fresh mint with the fragrant roses on a warm June evening. I also hope to get my floristry workshop fitted and ready to create lots of beautiful bouquets come May.

Online, I will be hosting this month's "Planting Together" episode on my YouTube page. PT is a wonderful community experience where I show how to grow one flower each month, and my community joins me! The link to January's is below.

January: Notes From the Cutting Garden

In January, a lot happened in the cutting garden. It was very unphotogenic, and involved moving a lot of compost. Most gardeners would cringe at the thought of showing others their garden in the depths of winter, but I think it makes the photos in the height of summer all the more spectacular so here we go;

They are almost too beautiful and I cannot wait to share them with you!As I mentioned, I have spent a lot of time improving my soil. In order to grow organic bouquets, I will not use any chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. What does that mean practically?

I feed my soil, which in turn feeds my flowers, who then feed us with joy: a beautiful cycle! I give the soil locally acquired (200m down the road to be exact!) composted manure to ensure it is fertile enough to grow your flowers.

In other (much more exciting) news, I have been planting my David Austin roses which are undoubtedly my favourite flower. If you know, you know!

They are almost too beautiful and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Before I could plant the roses, I needed to protect them from hungry wildlife. Therefore, another task completed in January was the fencing. I did it all myself, and no I will never do it again!!

The last note to share from my garden journal is moving all my baby plants into my polytunnel. The tunnel was built in November but until the fence was secure I was not willing to risk the rabbits eating my precious flowers.

Hundreds, if not thousands of seedlings and cuttings destined for the field now live pride of place in my little tunnel. The feeling of potential bouquets and rows of flowers is intoxicating in here.

I visit my seedlings every day to care for them. I love them and in return they will grow for us all to enjoy.

That is all from me this month, I look forward to checking in with you at the start of March to update you on all the beauty I am conjuring up in the cutting garden. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the newsletter!

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